Hank Dittmar Leads Savannah Lean Urbanism Workshop

In mid October, Hank Dittmar led the first “Pink Zone Workshop” for the Project for Lean Urbanism in Savannah Georgia. The pilot project will identify ways to lessen the regulatory burden for small scale development and revitalisation.

The Savannah Morning News reported on Dittmar’s talk and the workshop:

“Renowned urban planner Hank Dittmar, one of the professionals leading the pilot project, talked about Lean Urbanism last week to an especially attentive crowd at Trinity United Methodist Church. The event was the latest installment in the Savannah Urbanism Series, an initiative of the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority.

Dittmar noted that the demand for urban living is increasing but that growing corporate power – “big is getting bigger,” he said — is making it harder for individuals to find opportunities in cities. He explained that cities need to find innovative ways to support startups, let young people get “on the ladder” to success and take advantage of the human capital of the growing number of part-time and self-employed workers.

Dittmar warned that the glut of capital in the world is in some cities leading to “large scale changes to urban form,” like the current hotel boom in Savannah.

To counter these trends, Dittmar and the Lean Urbanism team are looking at “pink zones” in the pilot cities. The pink zones are areas where red tape will be reduced as part of action plans that might include recommendations for residential development, commercial investment and improvements to the public realm, including streets and parks.”

For more information on Lean Urbanism and Pink Zones, visit the Project for Lean Urbanism.